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Providing up to 95% shade and 97% UV protection. Our shade structures are structurally engineered and manufactured in USA and come standard in many different shapes and sizes. They can also be fully customized to fit any park project you imagine!


Deck & Patio Shade Structures

Shade structures are a great way to cool down any outdoor deck, patio or seating area. Whether it is pool side, outdoor lounging or a classroom area, our shades are sure to beat the heat when you need a break from the sun.


Perfect for outdoor seating areas, cantilevered shade styles are great ways to incorporate shade without having multiple posts encroaching on that prime real estate out of the sun.


Permanent Outdoor Shade

Our shade structures are permanent installations that also add a visually appealing element to any outdoor area. They are virtually maintenance free and designed by structural engineers to meet local building codes and withstand the test of time.

Playground Canopies

Everyone knows how hot playgrounds can get while baking out in the sun…That’s why our shades can be designed to fit over any playground structure and keep playground equipment cool allowing our kids more time on the playground having fun.

Not to mention, shading the playground can also extend the life of your equipment and help save $$$ the long run!

outdoor shade structure.jpg
Shade Structures Design & Install

Our shade structures are design by structural engineers to be both aesthetically pleasing as well as extremely durable. Designed and fabricated in USA, these shades are built to provide a lifetime of shade and are always installed per manufacturers specifications and

county requirements.

Whether it is for an open park area or around a playground, our shades will give your space a unique look and also provide much needed relief from the suns UV rays during for

those hot and humid Virginia days.

Shade Structures Design and Install
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