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Playground Safety

There are many factors to consider when deciding what type of surfacing would be the best option. A few important factors include: budget, type of playground equipment, and location. Contact one of our playground professionals to learn more about what surfacing might work best for you!

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Pour In Place Rubber Surfaces

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ADA approved, unitary rubber surfacing is a great option for playgrounds for many reasons. Pour-In-Place (PIP) or Bonded Rubber can reduce maintenance cost and also add color and style to the look of your playground.

All unitary rubber surfacing is professionally installed to meet ASTM and fall height requirements. PIP and Bonded Rubber provide a non-slip, handicap accessible playground surface that is enjoyable for everyone who uses it. Our rubber surfacing is also made of recycled materials!

Artificial Turf

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Artificial turf is a versatile, low-maintenance product that can be used in a variety of applications including playgrounds, dog parks, yards or general use areas and is virtually headache free many years after installation.

All artificial turf is installed to manufacturer's standards and can utilize a manufacturer approved "shock pad" substrate for playground or impact attenuating applications. Artifical turf is a great handicap-accessible option that is fun and enjoyable for all kids and critters who use it.

Surfacing Design & Install

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installing rubber pour in place playgrou

With the endless shapes and sizes that playgrounds come in, rubber safety surfacing and artifical turf’s ability to fit and follow fall zones is one of the added benefits to their many positive traits. No matter the shape and size, unitary rubber surfacing and artificial turf is installed over a stable foundation and (with a little planning and foresight) can be designed to help with remediating drainage issues a playground site might encounter.

Engineered Wood Fiber


Engineered wood fiber is a low-cost, easily maintainable playground surfacing option for those with budget and safety at the forefront of their project considerations.

All engineered wood fiber is installed to meet ASTM and fall height requirements and is safe for kids of all ages. Engineered wood fiber is a natural, biodegradable product that will naturally break down when it unavoidably gets kicked outside of those playground areas.

Playground Surfaces Design and Install
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