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Outdoor Fitness

Partnering with our manufacturers, MTS Recreations is able to provide outdoor solutions to help communities stay active and healthy. Our products are designed for adults of all ages and abilities and are sure to provide the perfect fitness area for your community.

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Exercise Park Equipment Packages

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Along with individual pieces of equipment, our manufacturers have come up with thoughtfully assembled fitness equipment packages that can provide the full-body work out that accommodates both the fitness enthusiast and casual user.


These equipment packages can include many different styles such as handicap accessible or multi-user friendly, but no matter the choice, our equipment is sure to be enjoyed by the community of all ages and ability.

Handicap Accessible

Partnering with Greenfields Outdoor Fitness, MTS Recreations offers twelve different types of handicap accessible units that target many different areas. They also come in pre-selected packages so our customers can be sure they will have a fitness equipment set that can provide a total work out opportunity.

Fitness Equipment Design & Install Services

As licensed Class A general contractors, we provide our customers with turn-key fitness package solutions that start with consultation and end with manufacturer compliant installation. We also provide a multitude of surfacing options to accommodate the fitness equipment including artificial turf, mulch, unitary rubber or concrete.


No matter the choice, we are glad to provide our customers the right space for the fitness equipment they choose.

Outdoor Fitness Design and Install
Do You Need Help Funding Your Project?

 There are many state, federal and corporate programs that offer funding opportunities for playgrounds and outdoor recreational equipment. These opportunities change throughout the year and can be confusing to navigate, contact us today to learn about what funding opportunities may be available for you and your community.

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