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Dog Park

At MTS, we understand how important our pets are and how much we love watching them having fun and teaching them new tricks. That’s why we also carry dog park equipment for all abilities that would be a great addition to any park area.

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Dog Obstacle Course Equipment

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We offer a wide variety of dog park equipment for all abilities and ages. We believe the installation of outdoor dog park equipment gives a multi-dimensional benefit to parks by not just providing a space for our dogs but also encouraging us to go outside, spend more time with friends and family and also create a stronger community through personal interactions in a safe, secure environment for our four-legged friends.

Novice, Intermediate & Expert Agility Courses 

Using our playground design experience, we can create spaces that will keep dogs engaged and having fun from start to finish. Our dog park equipment comes in many different styles that vary in difficulty level. From novice to expert, any dog of any ability is sure to have fun while enjoying our dog park equipment.

Dog Park Design & Install Services

With our background in playground design and installation, we are able to to create fun, imaginative and safe spaces for dogs to play. Our turn-key service from consultation and design to installation and maintenance is sure to provide you and the community satisfaction for many years to come.

Dog Park Design and Install
Do You Need to Demo An Old Playground?

With the design and installation of new playground equipment, we often come across projects where an old playground must be removed in order to accommodate the new. We are more than happy to offer our customers removal and disposal services for old playground equipment that will be performed in a safe and orderly manner.

Other MTS Recreations Products
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